Tegan and Sara
US / Canada Tour 2012


For their arena tour supporting the Black Keys throughout the US, and solo headline dates in Canada, Tegan and Sara's team asked us to create an integrated lighting and video package that could be struck from the stage in seven minutes flat.

We created a system of low-res Versatube LED panels, mounted to custom-fabricated set pieces that could be carried off by a single stagehand, along with a package of Martin Aura LED washes and Atomic strobes, for a saturated, punchy show that provided a wholly different look and feel to Tegan and Sara's portion of the evening.

Halfway through the tour, we were happily surprised when the Conan o'Brien show asked us to bring the Versatube set pieces along for the artist's live performance on national TV!

Photo credit: Leslie Kalohi www.nevercoolinschool.com

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